Hole #16 - Leagart - Par 4 - 375 / 332 Yards


The first of three very demanding finishing Par 4’s. This has to be one of the most dramatic holes on the course. It is also the longest Par 4 for the ladies. The left side is flanked all the way to the hole by cliffs which cut in across the fairway about 50 yards from the front of the green. A large burn continues across the fairway at this point. A brave drive down to the flat area gives the best shot in to a long flat green. Although, a favourable lie from a drive out right may give you a safer, but much longer approach. The green is banked left, right and back. A bunker sits on the right edge and Out of Bounds is only a few feet left! Much has been written about this breathtaking hole by visitors to the course.


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