Hole #10 - Muiddy Loch - Par 5 - 490 / 400 Yards - S.I. - 1 / 1

The back 9 begins with a marvellous Par 5, 3 & 4 combination known as “Whalsays’ Amen Corner” The majority of the Stroke Index 1 hole is dominated by a rocky shore line and cliff edges on the right. The longer hitters, hoping to get on in two, must negotiate a tight tee shot with the fairway sloping steeply towards the cliff edges at 270 yards. Any wayward drive could well end up in the North Sea. After negotiating the fairway, you are faced with a long green sitting behind and right of a loch. The right side of the green is heavily banked, so playing safe out right could leave you with a very tricky chip down to the green with the loch waiting for any mishits. You could be in trouble here too if you drift out the back.


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