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In 2009 the club, along with Shetland Golf Club, joined forces with Club Golf Scotland to get more juniors into the game. Whalsay now have 13 members trained as PGA Level 1 Coaches and are currently running indoor junior coaching sessions at the local Leisure Centre and at the Whaslay Golf Club.



Shetland Junior Ryder Cup 2014

Attention Junior Golfers!

Shetland Golf Club (Dale) and Whalsay Golf Club are planning to stage a two legged Shetland Junior Ryder Cup event this summer. This is a proposal that was initiated by ClubGolf Scotland, in recognition of the 2014 Ryder Cup being staged in Scotland for the first time since 1973.

A date has already been set for the Dale day - 8th June. The Whalsay date is still to be confirmed, but will most likely be later in the summer, possibly late August.

The event will involve two teams, one representing Europe and one representing USA. The teams will be a mixture of Dale and Whalsay junior golfers drawn from a hat. The teams will be given Blue or Red ‘Shetland Ryder Cup’ logoed caps to represent their respective teams.

The golf will be played in the format of Match Play, which is different from what the juniors normally play at Whalsay or Dale. This is great format, which we’re sure they will enjoy.

The latest proposal is for two rounds of nine holes of golf played in a doubles format, with food and a breather between the two rounds. For the younger golfers (age categories still to be determined) there should be an alternative shorter course to keep them involved too.

We’re hoping to arrange for a bus to take the juniors, accompanying coaches and possibly any willing parents from Laxo to Dale and back again. We’re trying to determine how many juniors would be interested in taking part from Whalsay. If you think you bairns would like to participate then please let us know, preferably by e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Shetland Junior Ryder Cup



Juniors Coaching and Competition Information 2014

Primary coaching sessions at the Leisure Centre will start on Monday 21st April (from 4.45pm - 6.15pm) and will continue on Mondays for 4 weeks. Graeme Sandison has agreed to take any secondary juniors to Skaw if it’s a fine night (from 6.30pm).

Update: From Monday 5th May, for at least two weeks, the Primary and Secondary coaching will be at Skaw from 5pm - 7pm. If there are any interruptions due to weather, the coaches will try to arrange for an alternative night.

The Leisure Centre has very recently had new golf practice nets installed in the squash court. This is an excellent addition to the Leisure Centre’s facilities and it will provide the opportunity to coach stage 2 junior golfers the fundamentals of golf with real golf clubs and balls, indoors.

All are welcome to come and try the coaching sessions, but to play in the golf club competitions you must be a member of the club. The junior membership for 2014 is £25. This entitles you to play on the golf course in 2014 and play in all the clubs competitions, shown on the “Junior Golf Coaching & Competitions 2014” list. Watch the school notice boards and Facebook page for any cancellations due to weather, or phone if unsure.

Primary age golfers playing in medal competitions must have an adult (preferably a coach) walking around with them to help count scores. Secondary age golfers can play anytime but must play with another golfer or be accompanied by an adult to keep their score.

Please open the attachment below for coach information, coaching dates/times and competition dates etc.....


The new stand alone 6 hole course for the Primary 3 and under bairns being played for the first time at the 2013 Junior Open.


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