What a stupendous hole, a real cliffhanger. Down the hill we were invited to hit, the fairway abruptly ending to the left with a cliff edge. Harry said that here, you could sometimes see killer whales off the coast. That would make the 16th at Whalsay a candidate for the best golf hole in the world      

- Gary Sutherland 'Golf on the Rocks'

I played Whalsay last summer on a beautiful warm day and couldn't image a finer course.

-James Taylor. Director Scotland's Golf Islands

The northern isles of Shetland and Orkney have their fair share of golfing treats, including the most northerly 18 holes in UK golf, Whalsay, in Shetland. If you're looking to sample a golf course that is a little out of the ordinary then look no further than this island gem


From the summit we stared down on the most unbelievable finishing hole. What an inviting, yet at the same time daunting, tee shot. Dominating the entire hole was a lochan. You could play safe, treat the hole as a dogleg and go right of the lochan. Or you could go for broke and try to drive the water to the green.                  

-Gary Sutherland  'Golf on the Rocks'

The Eighteenth at Whalsay is one of the finest finishing holes in Scotland

- Scottish Golf Union

The setting for Whalsay Golf Club is simply breathtaking

Brian Noble, Golf Course Architect

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